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      You may have some idea of the Cornice you want for a room already, however its not always straight forward, many houses have had all of the Cornices removed possibly to ceiling damage and the owner may not have had the budget to reinstate them leaving no guidance for the new owner. PERIOD You could research the build date of your house online, once you have an idea you can use our Cornice period categories, however there can be some overlap in period styles which don't conform to the period datings as trends changed gradually. So for the best guidance we advise if possible asking a neighbour if you could view their Cornices, SCALE The height of your ceiling and the room size dictates the size of the Cornice required, to help with this all of our stock Cornices have this guide on there page to help you choose correctly. PLAIN OR ENRICHED We feel this is a question of personal taste, you also don't have to use an enriched Cornice because there was one there before and vice versa as long as the Period is correct. Another point worth making is that enriched Corniecs are generally more expensive to supply & install than plain Cornices. GET A SAMPLE Please see our SAMPLE blog for more help. #cornicelondon#cornice #bespokecornice #interiordesigners#interiorarchitects #londoninteriors


      We always recommend ordering Cornice samples before purchasing, it really helps visualise, having them in-situ in the required room to get the size/scale correct. Order from our Online Store Its quick and easy from our online store, just select the sample of the required cornice and select 'sample delivery' at check-out...We normally dispatch within 3-4 days. Bespoke samples We're often asked to produce Bespoke samples for Architects & Designers for concept proposes, its a great way for clients to get a real feel for your concept direction. Get in touch Please get in touch regarding Bespoke Sampling, We'll be happy to help with providing direction and costing. #cornicelondon #cornice #bespokecornice #interiordesigners #interiorarchitects #samples #londoninteriors

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