Starting or working around a project with a Heritage or listed elements can be complexed.  We recommend that you contact us in advance of other works commencing for a safety report to assess if remedial works are required so to not further damage existing ceiling/Fibrous element. Additional reinforcement can be applied above or below or sections can be removed by us at this stage. 

Please see the following typical process for this service.


​Survey & Damage report.

Costs, Advise & Guidance on works required.

Reinforcement, safety works required of existing damaged elements.



Removal of required enrichment or Ceiling sections from site to our workshop.


Removal of paint & remodelling.

Laying of models.



Making of reverse moulds.

Re-manufacture of copied elements.


Replacement of damaged Laths.

Lime plaster or Fibrous repairs/replacement to body of the ceiling.

Installation of Fibrous plaster moulding/Cornice.



Completion of works ready for paint finish.


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